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Here are some great messages shared around holidays such as Palm Sunday and Easter. 

Check them out with us as we learn something new!

Palm Sunday

Listen as we learn something new from

Jesus' triumphal entry!


Listen as we learn why

we need the power

of the Holy Spirit!

The Power of Thanksgiving

Listen as we learn why it is so important to be thankful!

Easter Sunday:
Jesus, Our Passover Lamb

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Coming Soon!

Easter Sunday

Listen as we are reminded

of the importance of keeping the

Resurrection in Easter.

Father's Day

Listen as we dive into 

Psalm 112 and learn tips for

being a good Father!

How to Plan Your Future

As we begin a new year we hear how to plan for the future.

Mother's Day:
A Mother's Prayer

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Coming Soon!

Mother's Day

Listen as we learn about a mother of faith on this Mother's Day.

Two Roads

Listen as we are reminded that Jesus is the

only way to Heaven!

Palm Sunday:
Hosanna to the King of Kings

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A Relevant

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Coming Soon!

Two Roads 2021

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Coming Soon!